Several online part time and full time jobs in the present time are being taken up by many individuals for earning money. In the last part (Part 1), of this article we have learned about some of such interesting ideas for home based works that people generally opts to earn extra income from the comfort of their home. Here, in this part of the article we will learn about some more of such ideas.

Survey works online:

In this professional services different companies ask for the opinion for their product and services from the surveyors so that they may increase the quality and sales. Some third-party agencies also hire such surveyors, to get the surveys done for their clients.

A creative start-up business:

Creative businesses can be of several genres, you just need to choose the work that you are best at. It can be anything from making gift baskets to offering interior design consultation services. The only thing you would need is the creative spark within yourself and the space or room for the creation. But before you start up, make sure you do some research about the market and do some planning.



Perhaps freelancing is one of the easiest form of business. Your skills may be anything like writing, web designing, marketing or photography and freelancing would give you an enormous amount of flexibility and freedom.

The best thing about this work is that you can make a lot of money even by working on their own terms. The skills are what is actually necessary for this kind of work.

Reading Ads:

In present times advertisement is a big business by itself. Reading aids are taken as one of the easiest ways to earn money online. Companies now invest a lot of money in advertising and their sole purpose is to reach out to people. There are numerous websites where you can sign up and get paid for just reading the ads. The more ads you check, the more money you can earn.


Tutoring at home:

The tutoring industry has also seen a huge rise in the present time. This field actually does not only caters to the struggling children or those with learning disabilities now, parents who are extra conscious and competitive about their Children, opt for private tutors. So if you have an inclination towards tutoring, you can take it up as a way of earning money.

Online writing jobs:

This type of online part time income jobs are for the people who have an inclination in writing. The demand of contents for websites is increasing day by day and most of the companies wants proper promotion and presence on the internet. These are the reasons why writing jobs are getting so much hype.