In order to look for a job, you will have to make looking for a job itself a job. It takes a year to sometimes find even a temporary job. Finding a job in education, IT, healthcare, etc needs some reeducation. If you want a temporary job, you should be contacting temporary employment firms. Durgapur jobs for instance offer work from home (data entry jobs).

You need to develop a systematic approach to look for a job. Just focus on the process without worrying about the results. Have a track of the calls you made and the interviews you get. So whatever kind of job you want, say IT Jobs, BPO Jobs, Web Developer Jobs, etc, make sure to sell yourself well in the interview. Tell the interviewers what makes you better than the others applying for the same job.

Woman looking upwards while she uses a laptop as she is lying prone in grass
Woman looking upwards while she uses a laptop as she is lying prone in grass

Make sure to have advantages, good features and benefits in your interview presentation. Show them in what ways you are successful. Do not stop until you have found a job, no matter how many interviews you have attended.

Here are a few key points to follow while looking for a job:

  • Do whatever it takes to find a job. Work for different job nature temporarily till you get the desired job. Just sitting idle and waiting for a job is the worst thing to do today. Even to find a temporary job, sayBPO Jobs, Durgapur Jobs, etc. you have to put in all your effort.
  • Not all those who look online find a job. Only about 2 to 5% of them successfully get a job. You need to call friends and look in the Internet for contacts. You need to call neighbors, friends, former colleagues, some employers, relatives, friends of friends, etc. it helps a great deal.
  • Just sending your resume does not guarantee you a job. Along with sending a resume, you have to repeatedly call the concerned people. A resume is read very quickly so you have to make calls and explain what you have written in your resume; where you worked and forhow long, what were your contributions, etc. Making calls or receiving them are not difficult to do.


  • Interview Mistakes: avoid making mistakes in the interview. Give your 100% there no matter how many times you have attended interviews. All that the employer wants is an efficient employee full of skills and confidence. Do not think that once you get the offer, you can work on your qualifications.
  • No job is small: get on your feet and start working for any firm even if it is small. Do not wait for a long time till you find your desired job likeIT Jobs, Web Developer Jobs, etc.
  • FutureJob Market: as per study, there will be about 10 million more jobs available in the future, than the number of people looking for one.

Finding a job is nothing but getting hold of a potential employer at the right time by identifying when exactly they need someone matching your skill set.