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Ambrose Bierce is reputed to have once said, “Corporation: An ingenious device for obtaining profit without individual responsibility.”

Unlike a corporation, you are taking full responsibility for your activities on the internet building your own position or finding work from home nursing jobs.

This can be a curse or a blessing: 

  • If you fail, there will be many to point and give you the old “I told you so,” or the one I hate the most “Who do you think you are thinking you can make it on the internet?”
  • On the other hand, when you succeed, there will be no shortage of people coming forward to say how much they supported you and believed you could do it. What I found the easiest was to laugh and walk away when I had “made it”. There is no happy middle ground, it seems.
  • Just keep in mind that you truly are the captain of your own fate. You may have gotten discouraged when you were having a tough time in nursing school. Take the same kind of mindset with you into this. Be diligent and painstaking in your search. You want and deserve the best. Modern technology can bring it to you.


Work from home nursing jobs? Yes, they are there and yes you can have one. The question is how to find one that is right for you?

There are so many kinds of nursing specialties I won’t pretend to be able to direct you to one place. However, in the following paragraphs, I will tell you how to find EXACTLY what you want in the EXACT specialty you are thinking of.

This method cuts to the search with surgical precision. It will deliver to you results that are highly focused and relevant to your search and quite likely, in the end, take you to places you never dreamed existed.

It all begins with a simple web search. Whether it is Google or whatever doesn’t matter. The real magic begins with an “optimized” search. This simply involves wrapping your search words in quotes. This cuts the trash by 90 percent and tightly focuses your search.

Next, what you are looking for are forums dealing with the subject of your inquiry. These web places are like schools of fish of the same stripe.

Whatever you might be inquiring about, there are people on these forums that have or are doing the exact same thing you are contemplating.


If you want to know what you can do from home for, let’s say, Oncology Nursing, try searches exactly like this one: “forums+oncology+nursing+from home”. Usually, this yields more results than you know what to do with.

Take some time now and look through the first 10 or 20 results. If you are not satisfied, alter the wording a little and try again. Before long, you’ll be conversing with nurses doing what you are considering and, many times, they can give new ideas that you had never even thought of.

Ideas are what work from home nursing jobs is all about.

So, in conclusion, what you want to do in your journey to work from home is:

  1. Cut as much of the trash off as you can so you do an “optimized search”.
  2. You start searching for tightly focused forum titles.
  3. Register with those forums and leave requests for information behind. Answer others’ questions that you might find there.

4. Try to keep in mind that there are possibilities out there that never entered your mind. This will keep you open to new ideas.


The internet is a vast ocean of opportunity. Success is available for those who are willing to take the time to learn its secrets.

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