Work From Home Typing Jobs, 5 ways to find them.
“Effort only fully releases its reward after a person refuses to quit.” – Napoleon Hill
Everyone on the planet wants to earn their living from home. Very few people even lift a finger to find this Utopia. Congratulations! You are here

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seeking. You have found.There are many types of jobs you can do from home. One growing type is medical transcription. A rapidly aging population is ensuring that there will be lots of medical records and claims to be typed in.
What area to choose? Sit quietly by yourself and decide what your interests are. You will enjoy your work much more typing for a medical doctor if you are a nurse and love the medical field.If you love car racing, you would probably enjoy entering data for a local car dealer more than for your dentist and so on. Take a little time to choose. Once that’s done, now what?
There are many avenues to explore, but there are 5 big ones that most people use:


  • You can go on the internet and find forums on your subject (I’ll show you an easy, sure-fire way in a minute).
  • You can do a search online and end up with many results, most of which I would stay away from. Be aware that there are many scams out there promising all kinds of things, but they all want money up front whether they call it a fee or a membership, it’s money up front.
  • Search your local employment agencies and newspapers help wanted ads. They carry more and more offers for people to do work at home as companies and individuals like doctors and dentists try to cut their office costs.
  • You can create your own work from home typing job. This may involve creating a web site and develop a market, but all of this is beyond the bounds of this article. Just bear in mind that it is a real possibility for you, it is not rocket science and virtually everything you need to learn and build with is free on the internet.
  • You can visit places like the Warrior Forum which is exclusively for web site entrepreneurs. It won’t take you long in there to build a clientele of webmasters eager to buy your original content article packs. Just copy and paste the URL into your browser and check them out.

How to find legitimate, good paying work from home typing jobs:


  1. Access a search engine like Google.
  2. In the little search window, enter exactly this: “typing jobs from home+industry you are interested in” (make sure to include the “quotes”, this focuses your results.
  3. This will yield many results, many of which are trash, but there are some jewels in the first 30 or so listings so read through them.
  4. Do another search now. Same idea, but be more specific. What you are looking for are forums. Search something like this, “forums, work fromhome typing jobs+the field you like”. This will yield usually thousands of responses. Take your time here. Check into the forums that seem the most promising. What you will find in these forums are people that are doing exactly what you are wanting to do. Most will be very happy to warn you, advise you, make recommendations and so on. Many will give you wonderful new ideas that you hadn’t thought of!
  5. Work from home typing jobs can be found. Before you start, decide what you want and by using the forums method described above, you will end up with work you enjoy perhaps even doing work from home typing jobs you hadn’t even dreamed of until someone told you about it!
  6. The internet is a vast ocean of opportunity. It is available to those who are willing to take the time to learn its secrets. And bring a bucket!

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