Work from home typing jobs are becoming a large problem for thousands of people around the world today. With the state of the current global economy, millions of people have been losing there jobs worldwide and with this influx of unemployment comes the desire for work online.

People looking for work form home typing jobs are often inexperienced in the way of the online market and haven’t been exposed to the scams and dangers that lurk on the internet. I’ve made this article for anyone who is looking for work online that doesn’t really know what’s going on.


Firstly, work from home typing jobs are not all that they seem. Many scamming web sites will be offering you outrageous incomes for what they say is very low amounts of work. The truth is that work from home typing jobs do not pay very much money. You will be looking at a basic wage US$10-15 at best. Now this may not seem too bad but the competition for these jobs is going through the roof.

Before the economic crisis it was already pretty competitive, now it is getting almost impregnable. With the amount of people from the enormous countries like India looking for work from home typing jobs, the opportunities to make decent money are rapidly fading. Add to this the fact that the better part of Asia is willing to do the same work for a much lower cost and you’ve got yourself a pretty grim picture my friend.



Some general rules to follow when your looking and applying for work from home jobs online are to not part with your personal information easily, never allow untrusted sites to send “test check” to your check account and if you could just follow one rule make it to never buy something the first day you’ve seen it. Very powerful marketing techniques are based around the fact that when we have certain emotions triggered we will be willing to apply now.


Typical scam web sites will have enticing pictures of luxury houses and boats, they will have big eye catching text that commands your attention and makes you read what they have to say. Everything on the page will be designed to slowly build your interest and counter attack any apprehensions you have about taking up their offer.


They will very often place time constrictions on their offers that require the customer to buy now or risk paying more later or not getting a job at all. If you see lots of these factors it may well be a well marketed and genuine product, but a lot of the time it will be a scam and it would serve you well to sleep on your decision no matter how small for a night before you make any decisions.




In summary honest work from home typing jobs are obviously very hard to come by and the road to find one is fraught by danger. If your still keen on finding work online then I would suggest you look into internet marketing. It will reward you very handsomely if your willing to work and learn. Anyone can learn and do it for free and it is infinitely more appealing and satisfying than work from home typing jobs.


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